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Ad Standards to Review Consumer Complaints Under Spirits Canada’s Code of Responsible Advertising and Marketing.

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“Industry Self Regulation, It Works When We All Work Together”
TORONTO, ON, June 1, 2018. Spirits Canada is pleased to announce that Ad Standards has been engaged to independently review and report on complaints filed under the Association’s “Code of Responsible Advertising and Marketing”.

Industry self-regulation complements, supports and enhances governmental alcohol regulations including the CRTC Code for Broadcast Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages and provincial liquor advertising guidelines.

“Our Members believe all market participants should strive to achieve the highest level of compliance to socially responsible marketing and sales of alcohol, and sometimes that means going beyond the letter or even the spirit of the law”, explained Jan Westcott, Spirits Canada President & CEO. “We also believe all of us as regulators, producers, marketers, retailers or consumers share a common goal of ensuring the responsible marketing of all alcohol products”, added Mr. Westcott.

Spirits Canada and its Member Companies are committed to meeting the standards and expectations outlined in the Association’s updated Code of Responsible Advertising & Marketing https://www.spiritscanada.ca/responsibilty/.

“We invite all Canadian spirits manufacturers, marketers and retailers to formally sign on to our code of responsible advertising and marketing in order to provide Canadian consumers a mechanism to hold all industry participants to the highest level of socially responsible behavior in the Canadian market”, stated Mr. Westcott.

“Ad Standards is pleased to review and report on complaints under Spirits Canada’s Code of Responsible Advertising and Marketing”, said Janet Feasby, Vice-President, Standards, Ad Standards.

Ad Standards is committed to fostering community confidence in Canadian advertising and to ensuring the integrity and viability of advertising through effective industry self-regulation. As an independent, not-for-profit body, we administer the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, the principal instrument of advertising self-regulation in Canada, and a national mechanism for accepting and responding to consumer complaints about ads. Ad Standards Clearance Services reviews creative and offers consultative services in five categories, to help ensure advertising complies with relevant regulations.

Spirits Canada is the sole national trade association representing the interests of Canadian Spirits manufacturers. Founded in 1947 as the Association of Canadian Distillers, the Association has been a pioneer and leading voice for the responsible and moderation consumption of beverage alcohol since its inception.

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