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Ontario’s farmers, workers, and economy rely on real alcohol choice and convenience

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(TORONTO, October 3, 2019) – Spirits Canada today welcomed new analysis by the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis (CANCEA), which demonstrates the value of Ontario’s distilled spirits manufacturing and the serious consequences of artificially limiting the industry’s growth potential.

Spirits Canada President and CEO Jan Westcott, reacting to the report, commented: “Ontario promised real choice and convenience in alcohol shopping options for Ontarian adults. Now, the government must ensure distilled spirits made here at home are given at least equal treatment as provided for imported beer and wine.

“Failing to do so,” Westcott continued, “would decrease Ontario farm purchases, put jobs here at risk, and rob the provincial treasury of more than half a billion dollars in tax revenue over ten years.”

Ontario need not look far for real-world evidence of these opportunities and risks. When British Columbia included spirits in its private liquor sales expansion, the province reaped the benefits – doubling provincial revenue and enhancing consumer satisfaction.

On the other hand, when Quebec excluded spirits from grocery and corner stores, spirits lost 65% of its market share, shuttered facilities, and shed jobs.

CANCEA’s data-driven analysis shows Ontario can expect to see the same bleak outlook as Québec, unless it delivers on Premier Ford’s promise to respect adults’ independence to choose what they drink and where they shop.

More information:
Mr. Jan H. Westcott
Spirits Canada, President & CEO

CANCEA quick facts:

  • For every job lost in direct spirits employment, Ontario would lose nearly five additional jobs.
  • The closure of a single mid-size manufacturing facility would cost Ontario more than 700 jobs (7,130 job-years over ten years).
  • Growing the spirits industry would create jobs and generate wealth for Ontario.
  • Expansion of a manufacturing facility that created 150 new direct jobs, would add 800 new jobs overall. Increasing exports by 25% would add $102 million to Ontario’s gross provincial product annually.

For full CANCEA report, see: https://www.cancea.ca/spiritsopportunities,

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